How to create Valuer Account

How to create Valuer Account

A valuer account on the imo state judiciary management information system gives the user the opportunity to be selected/assigned a property for evaluation during a probate application process

When a property is assigned to the valuer, s/he will get in touch with the property owner and schedule when and how to evaluate such property(this must happen within 7 days of the property being assigned to the valuer).

The valuer visits the site of the property and evaluates it, then logs into the imo state judiciary information system (this is why the account is needed) and updates such property.

Only after a valuer returns the value of a property can such probate filing be completed.

Below are the steps for creating a valuer account

  1. Visit
  2. Click on JMIS
  3. Click on Create Valuer Account
  4. Enter you email address (this becomes your username), choose a password and fill the rest of the form and submit. A verification will be sent to your mail
  5. Check your mail and click on the verification link (you may also check your spam folder if you did not see the email inside your inbox)
  6. When the account verification form opens, fill the form and submit.
  7. Your valuer account is ready for use, login and continue


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