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Today's swearing-in ceremony at the High Court welcomed new Notaries Public, poised to uphold legal integrity and serve with unwavering dedication. Congratulations to all appointees on this milestone moment.

Today at the High Court, a solemn swearing-in ceremony marked the appointment of several distinguished individuals as Notaries Public. The event, held with due reverence and procedural rigor, underscored the importance of their new roles in administering oaths, certifying documents, and officiating legal declarations with utmost integrity and impartiality. Presided over by Hon. Justice T.E Chikeka the Chief Judge of Imo State. The ceremony symbolized their commitment to upholding justice and the rule of law in our society. Each appointee took their oath with solemnity, pledging to serve the public diligently and with the highest ethical standards. This occasion at the High Court not only recognized their legal acumen but also affirmed their readiness to contribute significantly to the legal profession and broader community.

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