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S/No Form No. Form Title Download
1 FORM 21 Affidavit as to Documents
2 FORM 22 Form of Order for Accounts and Inquiries
3 FORM 23 Legal Practitioner's Undertaking as to Expenses
4 FORM 24 Letter of Request to take Evidence Abroad
5 FORM 25 Order for Appointment of the Nigerian Diplomatic Agent
6 FORM 26 Forms of Praecipe
7 FORM 27 Subpoena ad Testificandum
8 FORM 28 Haheas Corpus Ad Testificandum
9 FORM 29 Subpoena duces Tecum
10 FORM 30 Form of Guarantee for the Acts and Defaults of a Receiver
11 FORM 31 Receiver's Security by Undertaking
12 FORM 32 Receiver's Account
13 FORM 33 Affidavit Verifying Receiver's Account
14 FORM 34 Certificate of the Chief Registrar
15 FORM 35 Order for Payment of Principal Money or Interest secured by Mortgage or Charge
16 FORM 36 Order for Possession of Property forming a security for payment to the Plaintiff of any principal money or interest
17 FORM 37 Order for payment of principal money or Interest secured by Mortgage or Charge and for possession of property comprised therein
18 FORM 38 Originating Summons for Possession
19 FORM 39 Order for Possession
20 FORM 40 FORM 40
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